An Artist a Day… is presenting the project “What Are You Looking Forward to in 2021?” to examine a paradigm shift in our time through artists’ voices and their creations.


This project “What Are You Looking Forward to in 2021?” came from asking a question: How do we imagine our society amid the most serious and extensive economic and social disruptions since World War Two?  In his famous talk The Creative Act (April, 1957), Marcel Duchamp describes the role of the artist who “acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to a clearing.”  Reflecting on Duchamp’s words on The Creative Act, An Artist a Day… called for artists around the world to response to this question “What Are You Looking Forward to in 2021?


An Artist a Day… received high quality submissions from five continents around the world.   The top 20 selected artists’ works are a mirror reflecting our time and raise our awareness of the world where we live. 


Our curatorial team studied and organized the selected works into five themes: Prospects, The Human World, Pandemic Moments, Envirus and Other.


While many of us have discussed social interactions and new norms in a post-pandemic world, the selected artists express a better world coming and hope for a better year.


Contemporary and modern design of shelters and urbanization shape our civilization significantly.  We would like to ask: What makes the human world different from the natural world? 


Long-period confinements and restrictions of masking and social distancing across nations have alternated lifestyle and social interactions.

The selected works reflect on the impact of this reality on people’s mental health conditions which often indicates anxiety, depression, fear and distress.


The word “Envirus” coined here refers to the current urgent state of our eco-system as if viruses in nature can help and harm humans in a powerful way, and vice versa.

Many scientific studies have shown evidence and forecasts of dismal outcomes.  The selected works reflect on the artist’s concern of current environmental problems.


Since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969, our views and understanding of time and space on Planet Earth, and in our universe, have evolved.

The selected artists explore different views of looking at our culture and other civilizations.

Some artists reflect on time, language and relationships.  Some artists show their interests in exploring our solar system and the Universe.